Sony E3 2017: Expectations, Surprises and Greatness

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The 23rd annual Electronic Entertainment Expo or E3 as it’s commonly referred to is happening next month. It’s that time of the year when Sony, Microsoft, Nintendo and their development partners get to showcase their upcoming games in the hopes that you will invest in their hardware and software line-up. Unlike Game Developers Conference or GDC which is more focused on the development community coming together to share their knowledge and experience, E3 is more catered towards attracting retailers and the enthusiastic gaming population.$MediaCarousel_Original$

This year Microsoft is all set to fully unveil the Xbox Scorpio hardware from its price to launch date and drop a couple of surprises in the software front. EA is prepping to showcase their annual releases that include FIFA, Madden along with the highly anticipated Star Wars Battlefront 2, a brand new Need for Speed title and more. Ubisoft would be showing Far Cry 5, a brand Assassins Creed title, Crew 2 and possibly a glimpse of Beyond Good and Evil 2.

Now let’s talk about Sony, the elephant in the room who continues to win the hearts of gamers around the world culminating a 50 million console install base since it’s initial launch on November 15th, 2013. So what can we expect from Sony this year and would there be any real surprises and can they deliver once again just as they did in the past couple of E3 presentations. Let us start with games that are definitely going to be shown one way or the other which includes God of War, Days Gone, Call of Duty WWII, Gran Turismo Sport, Destiny 2, Knack 2, Uncharted-Lost Legacy and Spiderman.

While we may not see another live demo for God of War since it’s original showing back in E3 2016, it’s certainly a possibility that we might get an in-game cinematic trailer with a possible release date. Next up is Sony Bend’s ‘Days Gone’, a massive open world story post-apocalyptic third person shooter where you’re fighting against hordes of infected people(similar to the Last of Us and I am just hesitant to say ‘Zombies’). The live demo for Days Gone felt like a tepid way to end an otherwise exciting conference at E3 ’16. I guess this was partly due to the time slot that’s given for the live demo and an overloaded nature of Sony’s press show which has always been the case. Sony Bend has promised for more information about Days Gone, perhaps a release date at this year’s E3.$MediaCarousel_Original$

Gran Turismo Sport sees the return of the critically acclaimed and commercially hit racing franchise making its first entry on the PS4. It’s safe to assume that we could see a trailer with a release date. Though Naughty Dog has already confirmed the release of Uncharted-Lost Legacy for August 22nd, a cinematic story trailer could be on the cards. Also it’d be a real surprise if Naughty Dog manages to bring an early demo build of the Lat of Us II. With Sony having marketing rights for COD and Destiny, live demo of COD WWII and Destiny 2 is highly likely. Knack 2 trailer with a release date is also to be expected. As for Marvel-Sony’s PS4 exclusive Spiderman game in development at Insomniac Games, all signs points to a debut gameplay footage.

Moving onto Sucker Punch Productions, the Seattle-based highly talented development studio who’s last game was the hit Infamous: Second Son. Recent rumors have suggested their next game might be a brand new IP altogether and it’s been about three years since Sucker Punch came on stage at E3. The Dutch studio Guerilla Games is riding high on the critical and commercial success of Horizon Zero Dawn and a DLC for the game was confirmed back in Feb 2017 by the managing director of the studio Hermen Hulst. Quantic Dream’s ambitious next game ‘Detroit: Become Human’ might finally have a release date come E3. Media Molecule might finally share details of their release plan for ‘Dreams’. Latest rumors suggest Sony might also be prepping to reveal a new hardware, a PS4 in a Switch like form-factor.

With Sony broadcasting E3 live at cinema theaters across the US & Canada once again, they are set to pull out all the stops for another unforgettable show.